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The Student Cyber Monitoring Unit (CMU)

Torres CI works with schools and school districts from elementary through college and university to implement Cyber Monitoring Units (CMUs) to monitor student digital footprints for indications, patterns, behaviors and digital activities that demonstrate that students may pose threats or harm to other students or faculty and to notify designated officials to prevent the crime before it happens. We ensure that monitoring activities protect the privacy rights of both students and potential victims.

Access the Dark Web where Criminals and Bad Actors Conduct Illegal Transactions:

  • Monitor Students for Indications, Patterns or Digital Activities that they pose Threats or Harm to other Students or Faculty
  • Implement a Student Cyber Monitoring Unit (CMU) for School Districts from Elementary through College and University to Passively Monitor Student Digital Footprint
  • Identify Direct Threats to Other Students via Postings in Social Media, such as Pictures, Videos, Manifestos, Tweets, etc.
  • Identify Students that have Committed or Intend to Commit Crimes based on Social Medial Postings or Web Browsing Activities
  • Monitor Student Social Media Posts for Indications of Tendencies towards Violence against Other Students, Faculty, or any other Persons
  • Monitor Student Web Browsing and Searches for Indications of Illegal Behavior such as Child Pornography, Drug Trafficking or Drug Use, Illegal Possession of Firearms, etc.
  • Conduct Student Background Checks with Law Enforcement Databases to determine Past Behavior that may Pose a Risk to other Students, Faculty, Family and all other Persons
  • Perform Risk Analysis to Determine whether a Student or Groups of Students should be Flagged for Social or Law Enforcement Intervention – Prevent the Crime before it Happens
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