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Cyber Investigative and Intelligence

Torres CI works with Law Enforcement, Police and Armed Forces to implement Cyber Investigative and Intelligence Units (CIUs) into your operations to identify and track crimes and criminals, and to collect and analyze crime related-evidence using the digital footprints of the offender. Our CIUs are today building cases and prosecuting national and transnational Criminal Cartels, Drug and Arms Traffickers, Human and Sex Traffickers, Terrorist Groups, Organized Gangs and Insurgents, and are solving crimes such as homicide, identity theft, and posting of false or fake news on web sites and social media intended to disrupt civil society. The CIUs also remove social media and web posting content that may pose threats to governments, civil society, communities and individuals.

Capture the Digital Footprints of Local and Transnational Bad Actors for Law Enforcement:

  • Criminal Cartels
  • Organized Crime
  • Organized Gangs
  • National and Transnational Fugitives
  • Money Launderers

Open up Cold Cases and Build Evidence Against Criminals and Bad Actors for Prosecution

  • Identity Theft
  • Extortion
  • Homicide
  • Burglary, Robbery, Theft

Capture Critical Intelligence Essential for National Security

  • Rebel or Insurgent elements intending to operate within National Borders
  • Transnational Bad Actors operating within and outside of National Borders
  • National Defense against Aggressive Nations and Forces

Take Down False and Fake News from Web Sites and Social Media that is Disruptive to Civil Society

Access the Dark Web where Criminals and Bad Actors Conduct Illegal Transactions:

  • Human Trafficking – Human Bones and Organs, Young Girls for Sex Trade, Migrants
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Weapons and Ammunition Trafficking
  • Stolen Identities
  • Murder and Kidnapping for Hire, etc.
  • Illegal Documentation – Passports, National IDs, Social Security Information, etc.

The Cyber Investigative and Intelligence Unit (CIU)

Build a Turn-Key Functional Cyber Investigative and Intelligence Unit (CIU) in 60 Days

  • Implement the CIU based on the Needs of the Law Enforcement or Intelligence Unit
    • Number of Personnel to Train and Conduct Cyber Investigative and Intelligence Operations
    • Quantity and Configuration of Cyber Systems and Workstations
    • Size, Configuration and Location of the CIU Facilities
    • Types of Operations – Intelligence, Investigative, Offensive and/or Defensive Cyber Operations
  • Train Customer Personnel to become Cyber Investitive and Intelligence Analysts (CI Analysts)
  • Work Side-by-Side Customer CI Analysts until they Achieve Expertise and Success in Cases, Missions and Operations
  • Provide Continuous Remote Support for Cases, Missions and Operations from Torres AI CI Facilities
  • Develop CIU Processes, Procedures, Policies and Standards of Performance
  • Develop Information and Data Classifications such as Confidential, Secret, Top Secret
  • Develop Pay, Promotion, Advancement Structures for CI Managers, Supervisors and Analysts

The Cyber Investigative and Intelligence Unit

Flexible Cyber Solution Options

  • Implement a Single or Multiple Turn-Key CIUs at Customer-designated Sites
  • Focus Training and Operations on Investigative Law Enforcement Only
  • Focus Training and Operations on National Intelligence Collection Only
  • Focus Training and Operations on Attacking False and Fake News in Social Media and Web Sites Only (Offensive Operations)
  • Implement CIUs for Customers and Conduct CIU Operations for Customers from Remote Torres AI CI Locations
  • Solely Conduct CIU Investigative and/or Intelligence Operations for Customers from Remote Torres AI CI Locations
  • Solely Conduct Offensive Operations – Attack False and Fake News in Social Media and Web Sites for Customers from Remote Torres AI CI Locations
  • Pricing is Based on the Specific Customer Services Delivered
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